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Snow Financial Investment Planning


In a well-built portfolio, every investment should have a specific purpose and be suitable for your unique situation. That’s why we get to know you on a personal level; so that we can then choose the products that will best fit your retirement needs. 

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We draw up sensible scenarios of what you’d like to be withdrawing from your savings once you retire. As circumstances change for you, we calibrate distributions to help you enjoy the things you want to in life.

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Typically, the number one concern for our clients is outliving their savings by being exposed to skyrocketing long-term care costs or losing income from the unexpected death of a spouse. We explore strategies that can help protect your life savings during crises such as these.

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There are three ways to invest: Taxable, Tax Deferred, and Tax Free. Most retirement accounts are tax deferred and usually not a penny in the account has ever been taxed.  Eventually, one way or another Uncle Sam will get his cut, and without proper planning, your heirs may subject to a ticking tax time-bomb. 

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Social Security Claiming Optimization.

Starting benefits at 62 (early) instead of your full retirement age can cost you! Let us help you optimize this cornerstone of your plan



Did you know that many employees can add professional money management to their employer-sponsored retirement plan or rollover IRA?

Active management can take your retirement plan from a static or neglected investment to a dynamic asset being managed at the core of your portfolio.